The Lonely Walk

I said goodbye to Shasta right at the entrance to the most dreadful part of the PCT. The aqueduct walk. A long day of low, hot, desert walking through dirt roads along the LA Aqueduct. It gets hot there, my pack was 6 days of heavy, and I got lost and called my mommy in the frist few miles. (Note to self, don’t call mom when you’re afraid you’ve lost your way, it will only worry the hell out of her).

I found my way soon after, and it wasn’t a big deal. Just a bad feeling. An hour or two later, a chipper hiker named Drama caught up to me. We walked together and were great company throughout the day. It’s a good day for a hiking buddy. He’s been living in NYC, so we had lots to talk about. Then, there was trail magic! Which is way more than I ever expected! A cooler and a nice couple were waiting in the middle of nowhere with their RV. It turned out to be the best case scenario for crossing the Mojave desert. Even more so, because the high of that day was, no joke, 79 degrees. Talk about getting off easy! This trail has been so good to me!

After that it was a long, windy walk. Almost knocked me over many times. But I made a game out of it. The D.A. will appreciate it! I imagined that I was an expelliarmus curse coming out of Harry Potter’s wand, and the wind was a killing curse coming out of “you know who’s” wand. I just had to win! Had to propel forward and hold my ground for the sake of all things good in the world. It made me happy:)

I met a few hikers, but went 48 hours without seeing a soul. That’s never happened to me before. It felt a little sketchy, but I knew I was safe, knowledgeable, and strong. I pressed forward and made it to Onyx and Lake Isabella. It all ended really well.

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