Mental Health Day

So, I hate to admit it, but I think the California blues may have caught me a little bit. It’s nothing I can’t handle and I’m not thinking of quitting or anything. Yet it’s been a hard rush to get here, and now I’m having a bit of anxiety about it. I keep hearing Billy Joel’s voice singing, “Slow down you crazy child….where’s the fire what’s the hurry about, you better cool it off before you burn it out.”

So I’m taking a zero today, that I don’t need. I could admit that my feet hurt, and that I pulled a furry spider off myself this morning and have alarming bug bites around my ankles. But truthfully, I’m just here because I want to try sitting still and shutting my brain off for a day.

And what a day to do it! My good friend Eric, who I used to work with at Lake McDonald Lodge, has generously allowed me access to his empty apartment and keys to his car. That’s after I spent a great day with him on Tuesday and he showed me around the area.

So it’s been really amazing. I’ll love hiking again soon, I’m sure. It’s just been hard to get comfortable. Mosquitos and rain have killed my peaceful resting moments, but that’s just temporary. There are things on the horizon that I can’t wait for, like Donner Pass, Mt. Shasta, and Oregon! Plus, Tahoe is beautiful. Really, life isn’t so bad. Just when you feel proud of your 1135 miles, but realize it isn’t even halfway, and when you feel like your friends and family could use a hell of a lot more of you, it gets a little challanging. Still, I know I’m where I should be.

So tomorrow, I set off with a better attitude and a great appreciation for this wonderful way I get to spend my summer.

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