Bye, Sierra!

Sierra City. City is a strong word. It’s a wonderful place though. I got a quick ride from the highway and was planning a short stop, but ended up staying the night. Mostly because something happened that I’ve been hoping would happen since Mammoth, I ran into people I know from way back there! Roger Dodger and Beads, both solo, both cool, one I haven’t seen since Kennedy Meadows (500 miles ago) the other since Ziggy and the Bear’s house (990 miles ago). It felt great to see them.

At lunch, Beads and I were both realizing that we had the same rush-too-much problem. So I decided a night with another female hiker, with the same issues I have, was just something I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been trying to talk myself out of towns a lot because I’m crazy broke, but this particular town has a bar with air conditioning that you can hang out in all day, shower, do your laundry for free, and camp for free in the back yard. I’m happy to settle here for the next 12 hours and really enjoying myself.

As for my California blues, I’d say it’s clearing away! Halfway post is in sight, my mom and brother will be visiting me in a couple of weeks already, and before I know it, I’ll be in Oregon! The terrain is getting much easier, 30 mile days are no problem, and I’m stoked! I know that I need to start sticking around people a little more, they make the experience. I’m practicing my German with a nice fellow called Opa, just about to order a beer, and realizing what a gift this life truly is.

Meanwhile, I got a really meaningful bookmark from my dad and Sue. A tribute to my aunt Jane, her induction to the Royalton High Hall of Fame. She was such an amazing woman. I’d like to think that I’ve got a bit of her spirit in me as I take on this trek, I know that strong will we all got from our Grandma accounts for some of it! When people ask me why I go so fast I always explain that I come from Germans. 🙂

To more trails ahead!

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