The Magic-Mobile

Since my last town stop, I had the pleasure of cruising around Bend and Sisters with the most generous and fantastic couple, Pocahontas and Legasorus. They were awesome. We went around in their vehicle, humming the Mission Impossible theme , and looking for citizens dirty enough to be hikers, to offer rides to. This couple is truly amazing! Pocahontas came to Portland to pick me up, then let me stay over at their clean and very cozy home with a great yellow lab to keep us company. Then we went out for a hell of an all you can eat pasta dinner at Olive Garden, and in the morning, I made us some pancakes. Then they drove me all the way to Bend to visit the post office for my mail, and took me to McKenzie Pass to drop me off for the northbound journey.

Though we searched ambitiously, the only hiker we found was Sweet Jesus. A young man named so because he really does look like a smiley Jesus.

People like them absolutely blow my mind. I ask for a favor, and they open up their home. All the while, looking for more people to help out along the way. This is the same couple that set up trail camp at the beginning of my most magical day ever, in California. I tell you what…, this world is astounding.

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