Shrek’s Swamp

Ever slept in a tree house? I did! In a whimsical magic place known as Shrek’s Swamp. This friendly trail angel has transformed his yard into something incredible. There are multi-layers of tent pads, a tree house, which will someday be multilevel,  and coming soon, a hobbit house. It’s a great place for a big dork like me! Also, it was good practice for me to climb the latter to my tree house several times on the day before walking the scary bridge, the bridge of the gods, which has never been my strong point.

Shrek’s Swamp had some fascinating characters as well, other than the presence of Donkey in my head, there was a great couple from Ashland who I enjoyed talking to about seasonal life and living the great way I get to, an English fellow who cracked me up, and a famous hiker, Let It Be, whose spent a great deal of his life devoted to hiking and working on the trail. He was great to talk to, really humble for someone whose working on his quadruple triple crown (you get the triple crown from hiking the PCT, AT, and CDT all the way through. I hope to get mine in 2015 after completing the Continental Divide Trail, the next big adventure).

Shrek’s was great. Good conversation, laughs, good food and beer, and the tallest “small” ice cream cone I’ve ever seen. And, the scary bridge turned out not to be too scary. It was a little, but I made it. What better way to enter the final chapter of the PCT? Washington state at last!

shayla hike cont 060

2 thoughts on “Shrek’s Swamp

  1. Hi Shayla,Just got done reading your stories,how great these are…It sounds like you are having quite a journey so far,My Goodness…..You totally amaze me..So glad to hear you are in WA..I am sure Eric is in 7th Heaven…He is going to finish the trip with you,right?.Super…..Hope he can keep up…ha… I enjoy your letters so much,please keep them coming…Did Eric ever give you the Discover Card? Jim asked him to give it to you in case you needed a little money..I think it was just for 50.00,but might help in a pinch…Everything is good back this way.We finally got a little rain,just enough to clean the dust off the tree’s etc..The air does have a nice fresh smell,I love it…Crops and lawns are all dead for lack of rain,very sad..Wish this could have lasted through the night,maybe it would have done some good…Kristi and Nicole may come tomorrow and spend the night,I hope so,we don’t see much of the kids anymore.Everyone gets wrapped up in their own families and work,etc…Now with school starting they are really busy..Sure do remember those days….Kids are growing up too fast..We are going to have 3 more GREATS this year..Sarah,Steven’s and a granddaughter Jamie in Eugene OR..2 girls and a boy…Pretty cool….
    Well,I m off to bed….You 2 have a enjoyable,safe journey you both….
    Gram and Papa Jim

  2. You go, girl! 🙂 SO proud of you and your fantastic attitude. Have a marvelous time in WA and a joyful reunion with Eric! ❤

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