Almost That Time

So, my boyfriend Eric and I are on the way to the trail head. We’re having one great last week together, hiking national parks along the way. Right now we’re in Zion. I love Zion! It’s my second time here this year and I already wonder when I’ll be back. Having this trip with Eric has been just what I needed, not only do I get to soak up some quality time with him, but I get to do what I love to do.

We’ve hiked the last four days in a row, and in some hot weather, and it’s giving me this great little opportunity to check in with myself. ‘Now Shayla, are you sure you want to do this everyday for 5 months? Can you handle this heat? Are you a strong enough hiker to carry all that weight? Are these shoes going to be ok?’ And the answers are yes, yes, yes, and yes. It’s all going to be ok….better than ok. It’s all going to be remarkable.

I thought a lot today on our hike up to Observation Point. I thought about how different I am than most people I know. My ridiculous issues with the way human life is changing. I thought about how we don’t have to worry about any of the essentials. We don’t grow our own food, build our own shelter, find our own water sources, deal with our own waste, and yet with computers now we don’t even have to find our own way or remember our own tidbits. I feel like life is getting away from me, and leaving me behind. And I’m not saying I don’t participate in it. I google stuff too. I just feel lucky to control my own worries, and I chose to worry about water and shelter this summer. To me, it feels more like living my life. I know I’ll feel at home.

On the Appalachian Trial, I remember when I realized that my brain was the original tv. That I could replay scenes, listen to music, and create without any outside help. I learned that a fallen log was the original couch and a flat rock the original dining room table. That water is amazing! So versatile and useful. It can clean you, hydrate you, cool you, sooth your muscles, cook your food, do your laundry….it’s got endless capabilities. I learned that everything makes sense when you sync to the rhythm of the sun. It can be your alarm clock in the morning, your lunch bell mid-day, and your soothing, bedtime mood-setter each night. I am so incredibly grateful for my time spent learning to entertain myself. Truly, I’m set for life now. Many an otherwise painful hour of pretending to pay attention to things I’m not interested it can be spent retreating into my dynamic, boundless imagination. Alas, now I feel I’ve lost a great portion of my ability to take things for granted. I wake up in the morning and I say thank you, to my aching feet, and to the sun for coming out again. Nothing is a given. It’s nice to be aware of that. Because of that, everything is a miracle. One big mess of tiny, beautiful things!

4 thoughts on “Almost That Time

  1. An incredible person setting off on an incredible journey. I’m with you all the way, y’know! Remember that whenever (if ever) it seems like you are all alone.

    Gramma says hello, too.

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