Orange Magic

The rest of Shasta’s visit was phenomenal! Other hikers came to know here too, she did lots of trail magic, and became a very great addition to the thru-hikers world for a few days. She hiked 24 miles in one day! We met the wonderful couple, the Anderson’s, in Green Valley. Who open up their home to hikers and hug and slow clap for you on arrival. They also provide the funniest water cache. An oasis in the middle of the desert, with lawn chairs and water, as well as a funny (but kind of dreadful) painting of the dryest, deadliest desert ever, fake human skeletons lying around reaching for water, and a container of lead weights reading: LEAD WEIGHT CACHE, TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. They’re a hoot.

Shasta’s trail name is Orange Magic. She got it at a picnic table with me and Gangster and a few other hikers, as well as a shirtless man on a horse (which was incredibly random and looked remarkably like the cover of a romance novel), and a hiking couple, Toots and Aloha, who brought cold soda’s, cupcakes, and more. At that little picnic, Shasta did something bold. She put together tortilla cheese wraps with nutella. When I saw what she was doing, I gasped, “You can’t do that! You’re not even a thru-hiker!” Everybody stared and watched. She bit into it like it was normal. Blew our minds. Gangster and I decided to try it, just for a bite of our wraps, and I’ll be darned if we didn’t end up smearing nutella all over the whole dang thing before the deed was done! I’m not proud of it, but it was the right thing at the time:)

Shasta and I parted at Hikertown. We stayed in City Hall, which was cute. All the cabins you can rent are little buildings, set up like the old west. I was hoping for the jail, but ours had a bigger bed. Having her company was incredible. She’s so positive and sweet, and our talks were nothing short of life-changing. We’re both loving our lives so much these days. Both feeling so lucky to be young and alive!

Thank you Shasta (OM), you’re an amazing woman and I’m so lucky to have you!

One thought on “Orange Magic

  1. Thanks for slowing down and sharing that time with me. It was magical. You are a wonderful, inspiring woman and I am truly blessed to have you in my life. And thanks for the awesome trail name. You’ve got a knack for picking good ones.

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